Sudden Online Learning!!

Like so many teachers, I've been adapting my physics courses to an online environment.  Primarily, I've been crafting design projects that allow for a lot of flexibility in terms of materials required and the expected outcomes.  I'm sharing my project packets here in case there are any teachers who might want to use or build upon these rubrics and guidelines.  You will definitely notice the SBG style in these packets.
I did pilot both projects with my AP students and their work was awesome! It was also pretty hilarious watching them run around their homes and brainstorm ideas. Here is an example of the launch in action that one student posted and below is an image of another student's rather ingenious lift design!  He used wood scraps to create a pulley system and resistance bands to apply an initial torque in order to lift a ball from the ground below connected to the white string going over the balcony.
physics online learning project disanto
Please note, I have linked the project files here as pdfs, but in class, I posted them for my students as Google documents so they could do their journal right inside the document.

I wish everyone health, safety, and sanity in this interesting time!

Check out this next blog post on the work I pursued over the summer to improve the learning experience for my online students.


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